Freeze! Polish cops snag thief who pretended to be mannequin

WARSAW – A Gloss man has been incarcerated after he made think to be a mannequin in front of a store residence window in days gone by pocketing from a shopping centre after it shut, police in Warsaw identified.

“A 22-year-old by means of a bag in his hand froze motionless, equipping think to be a mannequin in front of a store front residence window,” police identified in a testament. “In this way, he longed to preclude being shared by the web cams.”

After the shopping centre shut the man on one occasion usurped a jewelry stand, according to police.

On one more occasion he went proper into a bistro to guzzle, in days gone by slipping under the roller-shutters at the entranceway to a store to swap his apparel for behavior ones, police identified. Thereafter he returned to have some a lot more sustenances.

But, he was eventually bespeckled by reply personnel that labelled the police.

According to police, the man is also defendant of pocketing from one more shopping centre, where they allege he took cash from cash tills and risked to steal dissimilar other points after it shut.

The suspect can confront 10 years in prison.

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