Female kayaker missing off Sentosa was trying to save capsized companion, says friend

SINGAPORE – Tour operator Kayakasia founder Sim Cher Huey owned returned to coastline after a four-hour kayak retreat off the coastline of Sentosa merely before noontime on Sunday, when he discovered out his cohort owned gone absent at sea.

He jumped correct ago into his kayak and joined the scour for the lady, who went absent during a kayaking trip by means of three other mates. Her name and other niceties have not yet been rendered public by the police.

In feedback to questions, the Singapore Civil Support Burden (SCDF) and Maritime and Mien Authority of Singapore (MPA) alleged both firms were cautioned at about 10.25am on Sunday that a guy was reported absent off the coastline of Sentosa.

SCDF police directors deployed a rescue pod and team of divers, while MPA sent out a patrol craft for the scour-and-rescue pursuit and is working with initiatives by means of the Police Seacoast Guard and SCDF.

MPA possesses in a equal strategy issued a navigation schedule to ships in the void to report any kind of exploration of a user in aggravations, a spokesman alleged.

Speaking to The Straits Times on Monday, Mr Sim, 48, alleged he met the absent lady about 5 years previously by means of kayaking activities, and aiding out in the scour was the the inadequately least he can do for his cohort.

He added that he owned merely returned to coastline at about 11.45am after a kayaking retreat in between Sentosa and the Southern Islands when a individual – who was part of the absent lady’s kayaking group at sea – told him what owned took void.

Mr Sim alleged: “I was told a individual kayaker owned capsized first, and she was trying to aid him yet she, too, capsized. Both of them were after that brushed upward under the currents.”

The individual whose kayak capsized was later rescued by a ephemeral ketch, he added.


Mr Sim after that chosen to send out his trek group ago to Tanjong Seacoast by means of an assistant overview, and sought sanction from MPA to join the scour strategy.

He alleged: “We kayakers realize the currents well, and we may have a dissimilar standpoint of where the absent kayaker can be. We longed to aid in any kind of strategy that we can, and we don’t stab to enact on upward hope.”

Mr Sim and another kayaker took their kayaks out to sea anew and held ago their eyes skinned off at venues where currents are known to blood circulation. They in a equal strategy held ago a scour for points that the lady may be able to stick to – prefer the anchor chain of vessels or ketch tyres.

After about 90 minutes, they were rendered questions to retort to coastline while the police proceeded the scour.

The lady’s kayak is alleged to have capsized in the waters in between Sentosa and Pulau Tekukor, in a patch of sea known as the Bulan Network, reported Shin Minutes Day-to-day News on Monday.

Mr Sim alleged: “It’s a place where shuttling waters hit mended points – the blue drifting drums pinned to the sea floor, known as drifting sea barriers. So, if you’re in in between, it’s rather cruel because you’re pinned in between two points by means of pressures emboldening against them.”

These barriers are placed upward by the police to aid put off and grip off intrusions by high-rate craft and shady immigrants, ST reported in 2020.

Ninja Kayakers Foilers founder Clarence Chua alleged the Bulan Network is a “infamously perplexing” extend of marine.

“We call it a ‘clearing up machine’ because the marine merely churns you about – vacated, correct, upward and down,” he added.

Mr Chua, 39, who possesses more than 20 years of kayaking dumbfound and possesses run kayaking scenic tours in Singapore for about a years, alleged: “I obtained into perturb there myself. We paddled as hard as we can yet the existent held ago sweeping us backward.

“It’s hard even for wizards, and indisputably not a void for beginners.”

In 2021, 6 humans were rescued after their kayaks capsized in the horribly same sly place. The group was on a routed trek by means of Kayakasia to the Southern Islands when they were tossed insane by swift currents.


  • Second reporting by Anjali Raguraman

This blog post was first published in The Straits Times. Sanction important for reproduction.

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