FBI agents seized New York mayor's electronic devices

NEW YORK — FBI reps confiscated electronic tools from Newfangled York Municipal Mayor Eric Adams previously this week, days after a raid on the home of his chief campaign fundraiser, according to an lawyer for the mayor’s campaign.

Federal polices are surveillance an assessment apt into whether his 2021 mayoral campaign conspired via a Brooklyn fabrication issuer as well as the Turkish federal government to channel foreign cash money apt into the campaign via a straw donor scheme, the Newfangled York Times has reported.

Boyd Johnson, an lawyer for Adams’ campaign, attested on Friday (Nov 10) that Adams owned launched the FBI via electronic tools after reps approached the mayor subsequent an occurrence on Monday night.

Johnson said the FBI enquired for the tools after Adams briefed private investigatives of impropriety by an unidentified customer.

“After orientation out of the federal government assessment, it was learned that an customer owned recently obtained think inadequately. In the exuberance of openness as well as co-operation, this practices was instantaneously as well as proactively reported to private investigatives,” Johnson said in a testament.

“The mayor has not been defendant of any misbehavior as well as lingers to co-rushed via the assessment,” the testament said.

The FBI scoffed to remark.

The tools confiscated from the mayor – at least 2 cellphones as well as an iPad – were returned within a matter of days, the Times said.

Johnson did not deal niceties around the form or quantity of tools confiscated.

FBI reps owned scoured the home of Adams’ chief election campaign fundraiser, Brianna Suggs, on Nov 2, as well as she was reviewed by public corruption private investigatives, metropolitan polices as well as subdivision media said.


Law enforcement polices have reviewed a digit of various other close friends of Adams in current months. In July, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg decreed the price of 6 human beings he said owned funnelled out a straw donor scheme to illegally accumulate public quantifying up to subsidizes for Adams’ 2021 election campaign. Unanimously 6 males have pleaded not guilty.

Adams, that was not defendant of any misbehavior in the indictments, has said he as well as his campaign subordinate owned certainly no expertise of or engagement in the accepted scheme.

Adams’ 2025 election campaign has paid Suggs’s consulting company, Suggs Selections, around US$98,000 (S$133,000) so far, public records authenticate.

Suggs has worked for Adams since instigating out in 2017 as an pupil in his office when he was the Brooklyn borough president, according to her profile on the LinkedIn social media network.

While lifting donations for Adams’ election campaign, Suggs owned moreover been paid to lobby his managing on behalf of a Manhattan owner seeking an expansion on his rental cost of a shopping intricate in a metropolitan-possessed composition, the Newfangled York Day-to-day News reported in April.

Adams, a Democrat, owned filched a trip to Washington on Nov 2 for conferences via US federal government polices around the metropolitan’s haven crisis for sanatoria prospects as well as various other recently recovered here migrants, but abruptly cancelled those conferences to go back to Newfangled York.

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