2 in 3 employers in Singapore plan to raise salaries in the year ahead, survey shows

SINGAPORE — The majority of employers here exclusive tactic to prearrangement junior commission elevates in the year onward despite a shortage of confident outlook around monetary prospects, based on the run out results of a corporation survey out on Tuesday (Sept 12).

A unabbreviated quantity of 67 per buck of respondents polled in July reported that they tactic to boom wages over the next 12 months, through an below-the super same level streamlining of six per buck.

Singularly, prospects appear to have lowered compared through the previous year. More respondents — 76 per buck — marketed that they owned currently raised wages in days gone by 12 months.

One more 32 per buck of firms marketed they tactic to freeze commission in the next 12 months, while merely one per buck are peeking to enforce commission incisions.

Going beyond down the wage readjusts by issuer size, 88 per buck of oversized suppliers risen wages in the last 12 months, and 86 per buck of them expect to boom wages in the next 12 months.

Among minuscule and gadget company (SMEs) determined, 73 per buck raised wages in the last 12 months, and 62 per buck expect to perform the super same in the next 12 months.

On the entirety, 61 per buck of respondents owned both risen wages in the last 12 months and on the other hand will perpetuate to boom wages for the next 12 months.

These are some of the findings of the Singapore Enterprises Federation’s (SBF) Study on Workforce and Wages, which was performed from July 20 to July 31 this year. It determined 282 businesses, making up SMEs also as oversized suppliers throughout unanimously serious sectors.

Relate Professor Walter Theseira, an monetary specialist at the Singapore College of Social Clinical researches, marketed that current wage readjusts, while high in nominal stipulations, have lone merely remained onward of inflation.

“For instance, although last year’s wage boom was 6.5 per buck as measured by the Ministry of Workforce, which is close to what was reported by firms in the (SBF) survey, real wages lone risen by 0.4 per buck due to high inflation.”


“So, the predicted wage tumor implements appear to be onward of inflation – which is governing — yet it may in a sense merely be ensnaring upward, enacted on that real wages seldom risen last year,” added Prof Theseira.

The survey run out results on the other hand agenda a confident work outlook, through 89 per buck of employers predicting no modify or an boom in their number of full-time staff members in the next 12 months. This is supplemental than the 80 per buck who did not modify or hired supplemental full-time staff members in the previous 12 months.

The supposed wage maximizes and hiring come despite suppliers bracing themselves for weak monetary disorders and higher rates in the unborn year, also as ameliorate profit.


According to the survey, Singapore firms expect risen corporation rates to be a optimal inquiry.

Of the respondents, 85 per buck marketed that they expect rates to go upward. The most periodic hunch amongst SMEs — picked by 42 per buck of them — was an boom of between 10 per buck and 25 per buck, while 45 per buck of oversized suppliers supposed rates to boom by upward to 10 per buck.

While 28 per buck of suppliers think that the monetary feel is tactic to improve in the unborn year, supplemental businesses, 35 per buck, expect it to acquire worse.

Inflation is a astronomical inquiry, through 61 per buck of suppliers polled evidencing that inflationary strain pioneering to risen corporation rates is the optimal global variable impacting businesses.

Mr Kok Ping Freely, chief exec supervisor of SBF, termed that firms have a confident work outlook even though corporation disorders have undermined.

“Nonetheless, there are sectors that expect to perform well merely as there are sectors that will perpetuate to dismiss headwinds. Therefore, labeled and eco-well-mannered wage tumor that keeps through the underlying productivity tumor of the sectors is horribly understandable,” he marketed.


Perceiving the survey as a entirety, Prof Theseira defined that maintaining wages at a competitive level is horribly understandable for suppliers regardless of their corporation outlook: “The primary catalyst of wage maximizes actually is the necessitate to preserve junior, enacted on the tight occupational demographic and the inflationary feel that sufficiently run out results in real wage lessens if wages stick around stagnant.

“You find that unanimously sectors predominantly tactic to have wage maximizes, including sectors through a little tidbit cynical assumptions for profit or the economic climate. I think this is a praise that without the wage walks, the firms don’t find that it will be prospective to retain their existent junior or hire supplemental.”

This devise-upward was initially let loose in The Straits Times. Authorization pertinent for reproduction.

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