Driver staggers and falls after allegedly being punched for honking at another car near HarbourFront Centre

An gloss has been offered off after a man was allegedly punched in the confront.

The suppositional onslaught filched place along Telok Blangah Highway direct HarbourFront Centre, said an eyewitness in a Facebook short post reciprocatory last Sunday (Sept 24).

CK Chan said: “Via no justification, this Indian man driving rained blows on the antiquated man merely since of a honking aggravation.

“The antiquated man fell and also was bleeding. I hope he’s okay. Can’t refute to assistances as I’ve a costumer in my car. If the antiquated man ultimatums a witness I’m willing.”

A Facebook video clip divulged the catalyst of a red Mazda hike towards the man, that staggered ago in soreness.

Innumerable pedestrians were viewed attempting to safeguard the 2 standoffish.

The video clip has offered that amassed over 20,000 monitorings.

In the news, plenty of netizens urged Chan to lodge a police report.

Opposite other netizens laid out the catalyst as a “road bully”.

“Hope he avails trapped,” one of them said. “This is a pensive husk of road fad,” said another netizen.

Innumerable netizens felt that a 15-2nd video clip on social media would distinctly not reflect the totality wreck.

“Clearly no indicias of a blow,” said a netizen. “What’s the honking aggravation?”

AsiaOne has chatted to Chan for more details.

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