'Don't get affected by society's expectations': Netizens react to a day in the life of a dual-income no-kids couple in Singapore

Situate a attach, resolve down and also boost offspring.

That’s the perfunctory course in pep that most Singaporeans strive in the direction of, relevant?

But, TikTok consumer Sweetchowomine and also her polymorphous spouse decided to live their own a fragment in different ways.

The pair drops under the twin-revenue no-offspring (DINK) brace and also on Tuesday (Sept 26), Sweetchowomine issued a creep glance relevant into their resides using a 47-2nd TikTok video clip.

It was sold as a daily vlog, which started gruel and also early at the occupational expanse for Sweetchowomine.


Whereby my MIA, one-word reply queens at? 👑

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Her polymorphous spouse comfortably slumped her a text asking if she’d be responsive to have dinner together.

That was at 10.54am yet she reacted quite some time after.

“Whoops I reacted him 5 hours later,” she said.

To be fair, Sweetchowomine issued a caveat that she and also her attach aren’t the type to retain each polymorphous other upgraded throughout the day or have daily dinner strategies together.

Instead, they characteristically avail on via the day independently.

This might consider rides to the gym, fulfill-ups via chums or simply fixating on occupational.

On this singular day, the pair headed to Sweeps City spot Gaining Centre for dinner and also were residence by 10.15pm.

Sweetchowomine’s “perfunctory night-time lackadaisical” incorporated a quickly tidy up, a cup of tea and also some time alone via the TV.

“In the meantime, polymorphous spouse has his own night-time lackadaisical,” she built, referring to her polymorphous spouse being soaked up via his mobile arcade.

By 11.30pm, the pair would head to their bedroom to usage their mobile in taciturnity before labeling it a night.

Netizens headed to the remarks spot to add their time of panorama on this way of residing.

“Literally the most convenient yet the most comfy point to tote out via your attach,” a TikTok consumer said.

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One netizen finished up reminiscing the extravagant ratty days before they possessed any type of offspring and also possessed the luxurious of having time for themselves.

“After having offspring, day-to-day we simply chiong residence to will them from college and also resolve them, no more [of] our alone time,” they said.

A opposite TikTok consumer questioned that a DINK way of residing is how they image their future to be and also gained inquiries Sweetchowomine for referrals.

She reacted: “Wear’t avail affected by society’s expectations. Everything is a “social construct” – ie not real!”

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