Did it for 'money and livelihood': Charlie Cho apologises for sending video birthday greeting to Myanmar fraudster

Hong Kong actor Charlie Cho owns apologised for sending a birthday party welcoming to a Myanmar scammer.

The 73-year-old, most protected known for acting in Hong Kong’s Genre III movies in the 1980s and also 90s and also mainstream flicks such as Police Story, was amongst a list of Hong Kong and also mainland Chinese stars suppositional to have sent out birthday party introductions to Bai Yingcang, boy of Burmese politician Bai Xuoqian.

The younger Bai was ached for sprinting online rip-offs in Kokang, foreseeable the Chinese border, and also was reportedly purchased rid of while attempting to take off on Nov 15.

Assorted other stars that sent out birthday party introductions, witnessed in a viral video clip, require TVB basic boss Eric Tsang, Hong Kong veteran actor Wong Yat-fei, and also Chinese veteran actors Du Xudong and also Hou Yaohua.

Charlie defined in a video clip apology that he had switched over from overseas last year and also recovered a script from his boss to send out birthday party introductions in a video clip clip. He added that he did not realise that he was recording the introductions for.

“After reading the script, I truly fingered something was off. I ached to disdain, however I was told that boatloads of stars would also be recording the clip,” he added.

Only after the video clip acquired its rounds on the net and also designed controversy did Charlie become aware that he had recorded a birthday party welcoming for a scammer, he claimed.


“I admit that, after I came back, I didn’t have a substitute offered that of greenback and also livelihood,” Charlie claimed.

“Please forgive me for my behaviour.”

Xudong also shared a video clip apology and also defined that the birthday party welcoming was inoculation a long time previously.

The 67-year-old claimed he recorded the video clip at the wish of a playmate and also did not affirm the acknowledgment of the Bai family.

He claimed he condemns himself for the farce, encompassing: “I will understandably consumption this as a warning to boundary my words and also deeds in the future.”


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