4 dead, at least 39 rescued after migrant boat sinks off Greece

ATHENS – 4 migrants, entailing 3 offspring, died after their sloop sank off the island of Leros in the southeastern Aegean Sea on Sunday (Feb 5), the Greek shore guard affirmed.

The shore guard brought the physique of a lady as well as rescued at least 39 migrants who, according to their accounts, had wandered from Turkey, a shore guard official affirmed.

The 3 offspring died after being hospitalised, the shore guard affirmed. The races of the migrants were not promptly known.

Along via Spain as well as Italy, Greece is one of the peculiarity entry junctures into the European Matrimony for refugees as well as migrants from the Center East, Africa as well as Asia.

A bunch of sanatoria-seekers cross to Greece from neighbouring Turkey.

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