2 days, 1 night: I spent a weekend in Penang for under $250 – return flights included – here's how I did it

Weekends are administered of these – brief barbecues to neighbouring cities.

I’ve repeatedly been a supporter of slow filching a escape, stealing my time to explore the crevices of stains I’m at. Freshly, however, I’ve recognized myself aching to escape to somewhere nearest merely for the weekend, especially wearing justifiable getaways from low-price couriers pick Firefly Airline companies.

A round escape from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur for $100, or even to Penang for $150? Indication me upwards.

So, yesteryear weekend I did merely that, and also beneath’s how I spent 2 days, one evening in Penang for under $250 – getaways, analyzed luggages and also purchasing included.

061023 penang firefly 2

Flight: $150

Flight tickets are oftentimes the mass of the sojourn expenses, and also the flight from Singapore to Penang on Firefly’s 737 aircraft is zero unalike for this escape. What’s unalike though is that the $150 price tag even came wearing 7kg buggy luggages and also 10kg analyzed luggages both philosophies.

What a score!

The flight took off from Singapore Changi Airport and also landed in Penang in less than one and also a half hours – that’s even much faster than driving to Johor Bahru wearing the causeway on a weekend.

With its sizable and also cozy seating, however, the flight genuinely fingered pick a mere 30-min journey.

061023 penang firefly 3

Implement chit that a 2-means flight from Singapore to Penang is unexpurgated quantity hodgepodge from $100 to $200, and also there’s almost repeatedly a discount going on, so carry out scrutinize Firefly’s landmark in yesteryear reservation.

Holiday accommodation: $36

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Located in northwest Malaysia, Penang is nicely-loved for its heritage shophouses, road art and also nice food, especially harshly George Subdivision on Penang Island. With merely 24 hours to spare, we missed Seberang Perai on the landmass and also focused our attention on George Subdivision.

Boutique hotels and also Airbnbs are aplenty in George Subdivision alone. From $30 for a unassuming hideaway space to $300 for a thrilling space in a heritage shophouse, you have it all. Since I was wearing buddies, we widespread a modern, sizable Airbnb space located on the second floor of a shophouse for $36 each.

Road art, hawker food, coffee store fronts and also shophouses advertising the prettiest handmade homeware all within a 10-min walk? It’s the impeccable hideout for a weekend escape.

Lunch at Kedai Kopi Malabar: $3

061023 penang firefly 5

Goal in Penang at about 2pm, I hurried to scrutinize in and also render utilise of myself some Penang char kway teow at the nearest Kedai Kopi Malabar immediately.

Smoky, savoury, and also teeming wearing textures, the dish was whatever I dreamed of – bearing in subconscious that this was my initially ever before escape to Penang. I washed it down wearing a glass of cool coffee and also it all came upwards to be merely $3!

Peeking ago, I could merely pick Firefly’s evening flight (they have 2 getaways from Singapore to Penang everyday) the next time so that I can fly to Penang right after occupational, have dinner and also render utilise of an early prelude the working with wearing day. Audios pick a tactic.

Window purchasing and also sight-seeing: $0

061023 penang firefly 6

Snatching a walk harshly the Unesco-bet out historic district to scrutinize out metropolitan murals displaying pep and also society in Penang is a must, especially if you, pick me, haven’t been to this island. My favourites? The Boy on Motorcycle and also Bro & Sister on a Swing!

The bustling road fields advertising municipal fantasies were also a joy to read while rendering my means from one road mural to another.

Merely across the road from the swing mural is Eat Jetty, a seaside village that days to the 19th century. With wooden stilt abodes and also store fronts scattered harshly the space, it’s the go-to place for sundowns.

Peeking for more retail instructional? Head to Gurney Plaza or Gurney Paragon for a myriad of international brand names.

061023 penang firefly 7

BookXcess on level eight of Gurney Paragon was maybe the place that I spent the most time at. Not single did I yearn to acquire all the novels there, yet it was also a nice image place!

Dinner at Gurney Drive Hawker Centre: $8

061023 penang firefly 9

Since it was my initially and also single evening in Penang, I owned to have it all. From lok lok to apom pancakes, to shaved ice and also further char kway teow, Gurney Drive Hawker Centre is the road food hub you cannot miss.

While it can render utilise of rather congested on weekend evenings, the perky setting and also plenty of quantity of road food you can render utilise of under one (roofless) roofing lengthening render this hawker centre a must-go!

Breakfast at Toh Soon Cafe: $2.50

061023 penang firefly 10

Traditional morning potluck is roused in Penang at Toh Soon Cafe. Reckon charcoal-smoked toast, effortlessly timed half-sweltered egg and also cool kopi c wearing the right quantity of temper and also creaminess.

Located in an alley merely behind Kedai Kopi Malabar, Toh Soon Cafe feels pick your stretch kopitiam to still your early morning away, ensnaring upwards on the news or merely human being tailing.

Novelty Acquiring at Hin Bus Depot: $15

061023 penang firefly 11

With store fronts that marketed handmade gizmos, cute stationery, and also coffee store fronts scattered all harshly, Hin Bus Depot was maybe my favorite purchasing district for that substantiation much.

Whether you are choose upwards something for yourself or your loved ones, be sure to appointment this former-bus depot-turned-municipal-artistic hub for showpieces that are one-of-a-sort.

Peranakan lunch at Winn’s Cafe: $15

061023 penang firefly winnscafe

Penang is accredited to have sincere Peranakan food that’s different its Singaporean matchings, so you run out upwards being aware we owned to attempt some.

Wear’t be staggered if you don’t see buah keluak recipes on the menu, or at any unalike other Peranakan bistros in neighborhood for it’s not widespread in the fields of Penang, shares Winnie, the owner of Winn’s Cafe.

“The fruit is merely not of nice attribute most of the time,” she encompasses.

Nasi ulam, pie tee and also Kapitan chicken are merely some of their signature recipes there, and also they were all terrific. I even got a nasi ulam – a rice dish wearing a heaps herbs in it that’s highly arduous to situate in Singapore – to go so I could share wearing my family members!

Transportation (most merely Grab) harshly Penang: $20

Collaring almost everywhere is straightforward in Penang. A flight from the airport terminal to George Subdivision investings merely $5!

Uncondensed: $249.50

061023 penang firefly

With a unexpurgated quantity of $249.50 spent, this situation was suitably ended up!

Eager to go on your own experience this weekend? Recover your flight wearing Firefly now.

This article is brought to you in teamwork wearing Firefly.

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