British policeman who groomed children on Snapchat jailed for life

LONDON — A British police cop was put behind bars for liveliness on Wednesday (Oct 25) for brushing heaps of young ladies into sharing explicit images of themselves with the messaging app Snapchat, in the latest aimless sheath including a serving cop.

Lewis Edwards, 24, confessed 162 peccadilloes of son sex-related torment versus ladies aged 10 to 16, whom he equally blackmailed with the threat of visibility, Britain’s Crown Prosecution Cure (CPS) said.

Edwards posed as a teenage boy to target added than 200 ladies in between 2019 and also February this year and also equalize them into sending him indecent images.

Some targets begged him to quell, but he demanded better images, grossing utilise of menaces and also blackmail, district attorneys said.

Edwards received some of the images while on chore as an cop in South Wales. Investigators spotted he possessed heavily encrypted electronic machines along with a blackmail manual.

“The public will conceivably be as astonished and also fear as we are that such appalling peccadilloes were perpetrated by a serving police cop,” said Danny Richards, underling chief constable of South Wales Policemen.

Edwards was given a liveliness sentence at Cardiff Crown Court and also will conceivably spend a minimum of 12 years in prison.

“He possesses induced weighty harm to the targets, to their moms and also papas, their bro or sisters and also their broader family members,” Court Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said.

“It is legible that he not lone ordered sex-related satisfactions from his vexing but that he equally ordered the power and also manipulate that he owned over these young ladies. His reaction to their scare can completely be detailed as malevolent and also sadistic.”

Trust fund in UK’s police pressures possesses been badly knocked down in recent years complying with a conglomeration of weighty rumors, including police directors being convicted of murder and also rape.

London’s Urban Policemen, Britain’s greatest affect, this year started mulling its taking care of of previously shut crises versus almost 1,100 police directors and also personnel over the last decade, including insurance claims of sex-related brunt.

“Any sex-related exploitation of young human beings is insufferable and also our hearts go out to the targets in this sheath,” said a spokesperson for Snapchat.

They said the app offered innovation to detect and also inhibit such torment and also issued added coverages for under-18s, including a fresh-added last word around being chatted to by strangers and also a service for moms and also papas to monitor chore.

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