Asian Games: North Korean football players clash with referee after losing to Japan

HANGZHOU, China — North Korea football advisor Sin Yong-Nam secured his gamers after innumerable conflicted through match cops on the pitch after their 2-1 defeat to Japan in the Eastern Arcades quarter-finals in Hangzhou on Sunday (Oct 1).

North Korea captain Jang Kuk-Chol and team mate Kim Kyong-Sok remonstrated heatedly through referee Rustam Lutfullin after the last whistle, pursuing the Uzbek amidst the pitch as he attempted to ago away.

With the confrontation enrapturing in the underling umpires and innumerable guardianship subordinate, the North Korean advisor in a indistinguishable means ran to his gamers to try to pacify the opportunity.

The North Korean gamers were earlier angered when Lutfullin remunerated a penalty to Japan after goalkeeper Kang Juh-Yok recharged out and trimmed the feet of Jun Nishikawa through an outstretched arm.

Waving his arms and alcohol consumption his head, an mad Kang said through the referee before Yuta Matsumura slotted abode from the territory in the 80th min to see Japan through at the Xiaoshan Sports Centre Stadium.

“I admit that our gamers were a slight slight particle slight particle over-eager in the match but it is football,” Sin said at the blog post-match press conference.

“Yet there are confrontations in football matches… I assume our manner is favorable.”

Japan advisor Go Oiwa robbed to remark on the collision when quized.

“This match was as we intended,” he said through a translator.

“There are some things (we are) not magical around in the match but basically we can accept that.”

Kotaro Uchino racked upward the first ambition for Japan through a realistic deflection off a North Korea player in the 50th min before Kim Kuk-Bom levelled the match through a unrivaled, long-wide extent blow.

Japan switched proper into a semi-last through Hong Kong who lugged off a 1-0 escalate of former victors Iran.

Securing winners South Korea wandered proper into the last four through a cozy 2-0 profitability over hosts China.

They will not surprisingly discredit Uzbekistan subsequent the Main Asians’ 2-1 win over Saudi Arabia earlier in the day.

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