Ang Mo Kio resident uses roast duck as bait, catches 50 rodents in a month

Once a rodent priority destitution-hurted out at a encircling area and hawker centre, one male in Ang Mo Kio hopeless to confiscate hassles correct into his super own hands.

Liu, a occupant in the mansion, juggled to catch dozens of rodents within a month by wearing takeoff duck as tempt, Shin Min Daily Info reported on Tuesday (Oct 24).

The 56-year-antiquated said in days gone by year, he would most certainly notice jumbles of garbage at Block 628 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 while rendering his means to open his stall at the area and hawker centre.

He additionally saw rodents scurrying among the cardboard boxes.

Referring to as what he saw as “filthy”, Liu said: “I assume that the garbage was thrown out by the encircling shops.

“They didn’t also open the garbage chute to throw the things and merely vacated them lying approximately external.

“There’s repeatedly a hill of cardboard boxes every evening. The eliminators intermittently pristine them upward at 7am, but the garbage will amass there again at evening.”

Liu disclosed that a year earlier, he quized a takeoff duck hawker playmate for some meat.

He after that interjected them in rat cages, and peeked for burrows to gloss out the rodents.

“In merely a month, I entraped at least 50 rodents. The situation perfected after that, and I’ve entraped less of them since,” Liu said.

‘Waste hill’ caused fire

The rodent priority is not the merely discredit Liu had run into while addressing the “garbage hill”.

A fire destitution-hurted out in front of the waste chute on Sept 3, and the hawker was injured while trying to ranked out the fires.

“The cleaner unanimously of a sudden ran to us and said that there was a fire,” Liu valued. “I went down what I was implementing and clambered over to weigh it out.”

Out of stress to ranked out the fire, Liu said that he and his close friends ravaged the glass casing having the fire extinguisher via their bare hands.

“The fantastic news is, the discredit wasn’t that soaked up,” he added.

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Responding to Shin Min’ fears, Ang Mo Kio Area Council said that they could confiscate reaction to recognize the subscribers who dispose of their garbage poorly.

On garbage disposal, a spokesman for the district council said that the eliminators intermittently job upward until 9pm and will separate the garbage devised upward over the evening in the next off morning.

If the situation executes not improve, Ang Mo Kio Area Council added that they will install CCTV web cams to supervise the locale.

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