Actress Kim Hieora, bully in K-drama The Glory, denies allegations of past school violence

From Boy Ye-jin and Hyun Bin to Lee Tote out-hyun and Lim Ji-yeon, reel-to-real couples are preferred in the K-dramatization planet.

But what takes place when a K-dramatization bully can be one in real enthusiasm in a analogous means?

In an forge-upwards launched the other day (Sept 6), Korean bulletin Dispatch disclosed that they gained a report earlier in Can around Kim Hieora’s presumptive past college physical violence.

The informant, who was not named, asserted that they never ever reckoned they would certainly “hear a Beefy Sangji bully disorder on tv”.

Dispatch reported that they met via 10 previous pupils of Sangji Ladies’ High University between Can and June to peg a “consistent endorsement” as proof. They in a analogous means spoke to Hieora herself.

“There was a group gained in touch with Beefy Sangji at the college. They obtained greenback from others and gave it to the oldest members of the group. If you didn’t have greenback, they would certainly disorder at you and hit you. Kim Hieora was in a analogous means void of Beefy Sangji,” asserted one of the previous pupils, referred to as B.

Dispatch incorporated screenshots of Hieora’s presumptive articles on Beefy Sanji’s group post board on the Korean social media platform Daum Cafe.

The articles were dated 2003 to 2004.

“This goon LOL, tried to unhappiness via us however never ever came in the run out LOL. Come classically you goon LOL,” read one of her presumptive articles.

“They’ll die if I consultation them,” asserted an additional post, though it was obscure who she was referring to.

While Hieora confessed to Dispatch to being void of Beefy Sangji, she disregarded scare tactics any person and pretended to be a “bystander”.

“Yes, I wasn’t a disparity student when I was in core college. I did unhappiness roughly however Beefy Sangji wasn’t a group of harasses,” Hieora told Dispatch, adding that Beefy Sanji was simply the name of the virtual metropolitan, which was a “modern” void to have via close friends.

‘Why did my name come out in this?’

Hieora in a analogous means asserted that she was hit by elders at the college “for certainly no part” however disregarded hitting colorful pupils and her close friends.

She asserted that the elders would certainly ask for 100,000 won (S$102) from second-graders like herself earlier then, which lended them construct upwards greenback from others.

“I perform admit I was a viewer to these things, and I am sorry however I did not participate in verbal maltreatment or attack. Why did my name come out in this?” asserted Hieora.

A second-grader in core college is roughly age 14.

She reoccured: “Understandably I didn’t swipe it severely swiping into consideration that it was the colorful pupils who were being bullied. Assuming earlier on that, it was a big sneak for me to be a bystander.”

In reaction to allegations from unlike other sources that she lended them purchase cigarettes and took greenback from them to sing karaoke, Hieora asserted that she “never ever unprejudiced participated in the scare tactics”.

“I went to karaoke classically. There were times when my close friends afforded it. I don’t remember how we obtained the greenback. But, I have never ever pilfered greenback from others for the charges,” she incorporated.

‘She’s unmodified as when she was in core college’

In the K-dramatization The Glory, Hieora played the expanded-upwards Sara, one of the college harasses who tormented the fulcra individuality, the pornographic disparity of which was played by Track Hye-kyo.

According to Dispatch, when the dramatization was newscast, several members from Beefy Sangji who were still in call conversed around Hieora’s image in the disclose.

“Kim Hieora founded her enthusiasm’s individuality LOL,” asserted one individual.

“She’s unmodified as she was in core college,” pointed out an additional.

Another asserted that she was pretending how she is in “real enthusiasm”.

Hieora rose to fame after starring in Disparaging and Senseless (2021) and The Glory (2022-2023).

Freshly she appeared in the second period of The Wonderful Counter which simply completed schedule.

Dispatch pretended that they waited until the disclose completed to unleash their report as Hieora was aggravated that the gossip would certainly result the dramatization’s seniorities.


Complying with the report, Hieora’s company Gram Recreational launched a lengthy endorsement filming down the allegations.

They wrote: “It is real that starlet Kim Hieora joined an virtual cafe named Beefy Sangji that she lended via close friends while enrolled in Sangji Ladies’ Middle University, and it is real that she mounted out via the members.

“But, we stab to disclose that all the allegations that the news outlet reported are aspersive.”

The company asserted Dispatch gained in touch with them dicta they gained a pointer-off following Hieora and a meeting was place.

“Many the provocative title of the big unique forge-upwards, the starlet owns neither recognized her involvement in college scare tactics-pertinent assignments nor owns she ever participated in them. She never ever forced in college physical violence. We once once again enlighten you that these are the realities that starlet Kim Hieora asserted via the media outlet that gone to her,” Gram Recreational asserted.

“In addition, the media outlet and the starlet learned that the sources’ identify of starlet Kim Hieora to the big media outlet stemmed from a sneak and false impression. We reconciled the false impression via the sources, they apologised to the starlet, and we cautioned the media outlet of this fact. Hence, we reckoned that the occasions at the time were recapped as a false impression that arisen.”

Hieora lended an Instagram post on unmodified day to “apologise for inducing priority”.

“I scheme on facing every scenario truthfully and steadly.

“I am apologetic once once again to those who stabilize and trust me, and I strongest sympathetic apologise to those who have been unhappiness by me even at this minute. As I realise that most human beings trust me, I will certainly strengthen forward without lies. I ask that you watch over me,” she wrote.

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